Family Law

Not many things in life are more stressful, emotionally draining, or life-altering than a divorce. We know that no one decides to divorce lightly. That's why we strive to guide our clients through Georgia family law with compassion and skill. We represent Georgia clients facing divorce, child custody and visitation disputes, paternity issues, and child and spousal support matters.


Georgia divorce law is unique in that it doesn't permit legal separations. A couple can file for dissolution of the marriage, often called a divorce, or for “separate maintenance,” which permits the couple to decide many issues finalized during a divorce without dissolving the marriage.

At the Kirk Law Firm, P.C., we handle both contested and uncontested divorce matters, including equitable asset distribution, negotiated divorce settlements, and litigated divorce matters. While uncontested divorces can be faster and more efficient, we know that sometimes a divorcing couple can't agree on all matters. When you and your spouse can't agree, we're prepared to fight for your rights in courts.

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Child Custody and Visitation

For divorcing couples with children, ensuring that your kids are OK is undoubtedly your top priority. We understand this and can help you negotiate the child custody and visitation agreement that's right for your family. If you and your spouse can't agree, we'll fight for your parental rights in court.

Paternity and Legitimacy

In Georgia, an unmarried father isn't automatically entitled to visitation or custody of his children. The courts differentiate between paternity and legitimacy. Legitimation establishes a legal relationship between father and child. Only after legitimation can a father seek custody or visitation.

Whether you need to establish paternity and legitimation or are a concerned parent worried about losing custody of or time with your children, we can help you navigate this legal quagmire.

Child and Spousal Support

Finances are often an issue of contention during a divorce. While the courts use legally-established formulas to determine the amount of support each parent should provide a child, not every spouse is entitled to spousal support. Instead, the courts will typically only award alimony to a spouse of ten years or more with little income potential and only in the absence of abandonment or adultery. As a result, determining spousal and child support can be challenging for many divorcing couples.

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